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Social Eatery

Campos Coffee • Lunch • Breakfast

Breakfast (7am - 11am)

Avocado on Toast

Avocado smash, lime, togarashi, coriander and feta on country white sourdough.

Free Range Bacon & Egg

On milk bun w/ rocket, aioli and house tomato rosemary sauce.

Green Chilli Scrambled Eggs

With mirin cherry tomato, onion, coriander on soy linseed sourdough.

Miso Mushroom Bruschetta

Miso enoki, mixed mushroom, dried fish flake, shiso, coriander and 63’ Egg.

Sonoma Sourdough

Country white, Soy linseed or Wholewheat miche w/ butter and choice of house-made preserves, vegemite, peanut butter or Nutella.

Coffee / Hot Drinks


Silky frothed milk poured over a shot of espresso, topped with a touch of chocolate.

Chai Latte



a single shot of espresso

Flat White

Steamed milk with small, fine bubbles and a glossy or velvety consistency poured over a shot of espresso

Hot Chocolate

Silky steamed milk poured over melted chocolate topped with chocolate powder


a drink made by adding perfectly steamed milk to a shot of espresso served in a glass

Long Black

a long black is made by pouring a double-shot of espresso or ristretto over hot water

Long Macchiato



a single shot of espresso with a small amount of steamed milk


Mocha, in its most basic formulation, can also be referred to as hot chocolate with a shot of espresso added to it.


a baby latte as the Italian pronunciation suggests.



Cold Drinks

Still Water


Sparkling Tonic


Noahs Orange Juice




Coke Zero


Iced Coffee


Fresh Orange Juice


Noahs Apple Juice


House Special Iced Lemon Tea with Rosemary


Vietnamese Ice Coffee

Vietnamese Phin filter coffee on a bed of condensed milk over with ice.

Lunch (11am - 3pm)

Chicken Noodle Soup

12 hr Vietnamese chicken broth w/ flat rice noodle, bean sprout, Viet fresh herbs served w/ hoisin sauce & chilli sauce.

Chilli Lemongrass Chicken Bowl

Sautéed w/ turmeric, fresh mixed leaves, pickled radish, served w/ rice.

Crackling Roast Pork

Served w/ mixed cucumber, cherry tomato and pickled carrot and house dipping sauce.

Crispy Spring Roll

Minced pork, taro, mushroom, carrot served w/ lettuce wrap, nuoc cham dipping sauce.

Fresh Baked Baguette

w/ house butter mayo, pate, fresh mix leaves, pickled carrot, Vietnamese herbs, w/ house soy sauce

Hoi an Salad

Green apple, pickled carrot, red cabbage, Vietnamese herbs, onion, peanuts, nuoc cham dressing, prawn crackers.

House Special Fried Rice


Pho Beef Noodle Soup

12 hr Vietnamese beef broth w/ flat rice noodle, bean sprout, Viet fresh herbs served w/ hoisin sauce & chilli sauce.

Rice Paper Rolls

Vermicelli, mint, lettuce, pickled carrot, sweet peanut dipping sauce.

Sesame Tofu Bowl

Wok tossed tofu in soy, chilli sauce, ginger, peanuts, fresh mixed leaves, pickled radish served w/ rice.

Shaken Beef Bowl

Australian beef sautéed in soy and onion, scallions, fresh mixed leaves, pickled carrot, served w/ rice.

Southern Viet Curry Bowl

Yellow curry w/ lemongrass, cinnamon park, fresh Viet herbs, and potato served w/ rice.

Vegetarian Vermicelli Crispy Tofu

Sautéed carrot, shitake mushroom, coral lettuce, herbs, pickled carrot, peanuts, scallions served w/ house soy sauce.

Vermicelli Noodle Salad

With spring rolls, coral lettuce, herbs, omelette, pickled carrot, peanuts, scallions served w/ nuoc cham dipping sauce.

Wok Tossed Seasonal Veggies

Tofu, bok choy, shitake mushroom, fresh baby corn, onion, mushroom soy.

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