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Ipoh Town - York St

Malaysian • Chicken Satay Rice • Noodle

1. Entree

Chicken Satay

Chargrill tender Chicken Breast served with Peanut Sauce.

Chicken Wing & Drumlette

marinated with spice, our home made spicy batter.

Curry Puff

with Potato, Sweet Potato, & Peas.

Gado Gado

Vegetable and tofu salad served dressed with peanut sauce.


Consist Chicken, Onion, Shallots & Egg filling with Curry Sauce.

Spring Rolls

with Cabbage, Carrot & Bamboo Shoots.

2. Roti

Beef Rendang Roti

Crispy & flaky Malaysian flat bread made fresh

Chicken Curry Roti

Crispy & flaky Malaysian flat bread made fresh

Roti Canai

Crispy and flaky malaysian flat bread made fresh daily.

3. Rice

Chicken Satay Rice

Char-grilled tender chicken skewers served on rice.

Curry Chicken Rice

Chicken curry cooked with traditional herbs and spices.

Beef Rendang Rice

Spicy tender beef stewed in a caramelised curry sauce.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Boneless poached chicken with steamed rice cooked in our special home made chicken, ginger paste and served with vegetable soup.

Nasi Lemak

Popular in Malaysia, Nasi Lemak is a fragrant coconut rice dish served with traditional accompaniments such as crispy anchovies, cucumbers, peanuts and pickled vegetables.

Nasi Goreng

Malaysian styled fried-rice made with sambal, mixed vegetables, egg and your choice of ....

4. Stir-fried Noodles

Ipoh Char Kway Teow

A stir-fried flat rice noodle dish with special soy sauce, made to order.

Mee Goreng

A signature Indian Malaysian stir-fried hokkien noodles with tomato and chilli sauce served with fish cake, prawn cake, bean curd and potato.

5. Soup Noodles

Asam Laksa

Listed #7 on World's most delicious foods (CNN), Malaysian Asam laksa is a sour-spicy fish-based soup popular in Ipoh.

Har Mee

A spicy prawn-based soup served with mixed noodles and shredded chicken, prawns, fish cake and Asian spinach.

Ipoh Hor Fun

Made famous in Ipoh, Ipoh Hor Fun or Sar Hor Fun, is a silky smooth rice noodles served in a rich prawn broth.


A popular rich spicy coconut-based curry noodle soup served with mixed noodles and cooked with chili, coriander, lemongrass, galangal, candlenut and prawn shrimp.

Wonton Noodle Soup

Egg noodle served in a rich chicken broth with homemade chicken and shrimp wonton dumplings and vegetables.

6. Gravy Noodle

Kway Teow Siram

Wok-fried noodles served in a silky egg gravy.

7. Drinks


Thick, strong Malaysian coffee with condensed milk.


Thick, strong Malaysian black coffee.


Lime juice for that perfect tangy-sweet thirst quencher.


A Malaysian favourite. Smooth and malty Milo served with ice.


Fragrant freshly-brewed black tea with condensed milk.


Fragrant freshly brewed black tea.

Teh-O Limau

Lemon tea made from fragrant freshly-brewed Ipoh black tea.

8. Dessert

Ice Cendol

Shaved ice infused with sweet palm sugar and coconut milk served with cendol jelly.

Ice Kacang

Red beans, sweet corn, grass jelly and palm seeds covered in shaved ice.

9. Cold Drinks

Bottle of water (still)


Soft Drinks Can


San Pellegrino Sparkling Water




Lipton Ice Tea


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