About Hey You

How does Hey You work?

Once you’ve signed up you’ll see all nearby venues from the Home Screen. You can also search for other venues from the search bar. Find your venue and select items from the menu. At the Order Review screen you will be prompted to add a payment source. Once you’ve paid you’ll receive an order confirmation from the venue. If you decide to change your payment source, you can do this from ‘Payment Settings’ in the main menu. Your most frequently ordered items and visited venues will automatically appear in your favourites, keeping them easily accessible for regular use.

Using Hey You

What device can I use to order?

You can use the Hey You by Beat the Q app from your mobile phone or iPad. Hey You is available on Android, and iPhone devices. You’re also able to order from your desktop.

How do I pay?

Simply visit 'Payment Settings' from the main menu after you log in to select your preferred payment method and source. Your designated payment source will be charged each time you order.

When should I order?

It really depends on your café and how busy they are. If you normally have to wait for 10 minutes for your order, then order about 10 minutes in advance. Remember, it is important to make sure you are there when your order is ready. Hey You by Beat the Q allows you to skip the ordering and payment queue. Ensure that you make yourself known to the café when you arrive in case your name and order has already been called.


What is the Service Fee?

A Service Fee is charged to all orders placed on Hey You when the Pay As You Go Payment Method is selected. This helps us run our platform and provide related services. The Service Fee is not a credit card payment surcharge and all charges relating to card transactions are paid for by Hey You and are not included as a part of the Service Fee. No Service Fee applies to orders made when the Top Up Payment Method is selected. In order to change Payment Methods select 'Payment' from the menu, there you will find the relevant options.